On Site Computer Service: When you call us for service for your computer, we come to you and it doesn't cost you anything extra! Forget about labling all your cables so you know where to put them when service is done, because we take care of all that. Most of the time we can fix your computer without removing it from your site, but the odd time when we need to take your computer to the shop we will disconnect it and when we return it we will hook it all up and wait while you test it.
Network Service: We install and maintain Cabled and Wireless networks big or small. We can install new cable if needed, install wireless, or extend existing cable or wireless networks.

We design and install
networks for Microsoft and Novell.

We will administer
your existing or newly installed network.
We can supply all hardware needed for maintenance or new installations.
Remote Monitoring Service: We can administer workstations and whole neworks remotely. It doesn't matter if you have one computer or one hundred computers we can take care of them all remotely, the only time we have to come on site is for the initial installation or for hardware replacement. Our remote monitoring service can include Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Backup, Restore, Security Monitoring, Imaging, and much more. You can have it all or just the ones that you want.
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